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What is a Dental Implant?

If you are looking for a more enduring and permanent solution to replace damaged or decayed teeth, and fill the gaps left by one or more missing adult teeth, then your Cranbrook dentist and the team at Victoria Avenue Dental can provide you with dental implants that assist in strengthening and stabilizing your teeth. Dental implants are essentially a set of artificial teeth that are fixed into place by metal screws or posts, and are surgically implanted just below your gum line where your jawbone is located. In short, dental implants act as a replacement for missing teeth.

Dental implants are a preferred solution by your Cranbrook dentist because they are designed to mimic your natural teeth, both in sturdiness and visual appearance. In addition, due to the advancements in science and dental technology, the installation of dental implants are often effective and successful, posing a high success rate in the majority of procedures that are done. At Victoria Avenue Dental your Cranbrook dentist, Dr. Brett Bevans and the team will work with you to design a comprehensive treatment plan that is best suited for your situation.

The procedure involved for dental implant surgery requires your Cranbrook dentist to conduct an initial evaluation and primary examination of your teeth using an x-ray. Your Cranbrook dentist will also evaluate your jawbone to ensure that it is sturdy enough to support the implant. Once this process is complete, the damaged or decayed tooth will be removed if it has not already fallen out on its own. Your jawbone will then be prepared for surgery, which involves some level of bone grafting. There will then be a period of healing to ensure your jawbone is ready to receive the implant. When this period is over, the implant is inserted into your gum line. Another healing period will be allotted to allow the implant to bond with your gums. The final step is to place an abutment, whereby the artificial tooth will be placed on top of it.

For Cranbrook implants, contact your Cranbrook dentist, Dr. Brett Bevans and the team at Victoria Avenue Dental to learn more about the procedures involved with dental implant surgery.


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