Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that involves treating patients who suffer from crooked or misaligned teeth. If your teeth or jaw are positioned irregularly in your mouth, then it could lead to severe dental or oral complications. This is due to the difficulty that is associated with being able to adequately clean the crevices in between your teeth. Fortunately, at Victoria Avenue Dental our general dentists can offer a suitable solution to your unique dental condition. Together with Dr. Trislyn Herrick, Dr. Brett Bevans and the team at Victoria Avenue Dental will work with you to devise a custom treatment plan that will help you to achieve your ideal smile.


What are the warning signs you might need orthodontic treatment?

The following are some of the common dental complications that patients at Victoria Avenue Dental can often experience, indicating that an orthodontic treatment is required:


  • Overbite: otherwise known as “buck teeth” are when the upper set of front teeth in your mouth protrude forward over your lower set of teeth. In other words, an overbite is when your upper front teeth stick out.
  • Underbite: are the opposite of an overbite and is when the lower set of your teeth protrude or rest forward over your upper set of teeth. An underbite also gives off a “bulldog” appearance.
  • Spacing: is the result of when gaps or spaces are left by lost or missing permanent teeth.
  • Crowding: is when there is an overabundance of teeth in your mouth. This leads to teeth overlapping and damage to otherwise healthy teeth.


When left untreated, these dental complications can lead to the loss of one or more teeth, and cause further damage or injury to the rest of your teeth. Our general dentists can provide you with several options that include the use of braces. Conventionally, metal or wire bracket braces are often used to realign crooked teeth. However, if you prefer to use a more natural looking or removable solution and are located in Cranbook, Invisalign invisible braces may be an ideal orthodontic tool for you. It is a simple procedure that involves the creation of custom aligners that fit the unique contours of your mouth. You then use each aligner periodically until you achieve the optimal position for your teeth.


If our orthodontic treatments intrigue you, contact your general Cranbrook dentist today to book an orthodontic appointment and inquire about our Cranbrook braces.