Sedation Dentistry – Cranbrook Dentist – Victoria Avenue Dental 

It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, a new patient or an existing one. Anxiety and fear associated with visiting the dentist or undergoing a comprehensive dental procedure can affect anyone. The root cause of this fear can be explained either by a traumatic experience you have undergone or you are simply an anxious individual. No matter the case, anxiety can often lead to individuals neglecting to visit their dentist, which subsequently results in a negative effect on their overall oral health. Here at Victoria Avenue Dental your Cranbrook dentist, Dr. Brett Bevans and the team are dedicated to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for you. However, if our friendly and professional staff are not enough to alleviate the pain and anxiety you may feel as you enter our office, your Cranbrook dentist can offer sedation services to assist you.

If you are an already anxious person and simply going into a dental office is a daunting experience for you, then Dr. Brett Bevans and the team at Victoria Avenue Dental can provide you with oral sedation pills, which you consume prior to your dental appointment. Doing so will enable you to relax and feel comfortable even before you open the doors into our office. Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas” can also be used during routine dental cleanings or simple dental procedures to supplement the oral sedation pills. To use the nitrous oxide, all that is required of you is to inhale the gas through a facial mask. Under laughing gas you are still conscious and aware, but are in a more relaxed state.

Other sedation dentistry services that your Cranbrook dentist can provide include IV sedation where you are in a conscious but disoriented state otherwise known as a “twilight state,” and a local anesthetic where you are unconscious until the completion of the dental procedure. It is recommended that you have arranged a way back home due to the after effects of these types of sedation. Contact your dentist in Cranbrook at Victoria Avenue Dental to learn more.